Dr. Neem body oil – 100 ml

Dr. Neem body oil – 100 ml

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Antioxidant –Contains many antioxidants. It does not spoil quickly because of these antioxidant nutrients.

  • Anti-depressant – Lowers the state of depression.
  • DNA protection – Safeguards the DNA of body cells from damage by external factors, like radiation.
  • Emollient – Excellent moisturizer heals dry skin.
  • Anti-aging – Has powerful anti-aging nutrients!
  • Skin regeneration – Promotes repair and re-growth of skin cells.
  • Sunscreen – Has natural mild SPF
  • Detoxifying – One of the few massage oils known to remove toxins from the body.
  • Warming – Creates a warming sensation upon massage.

Ingredients: Special category sesame oil, secrete herbs and aromatherapy essential oils.

Extra benefit: It does not make the skin photosensitive, so you can wear it in the sun as well

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Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Collagen is the structural backbone of healthy skin. Dr. Neem Body Oil can boost collagen production, resulting in more elastic and smooth appearing skin. Research also shows thatDr. Neem Body Oil is beneficial in the body’s repair processes and can soothe burns as well as other skin conditions.



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